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Enact culturally responsive school leadership with our free downloadable tools series.

Ideas can only get us so far if we don't know how to translate them into action. We release a free downloadable tool every month to members of our CRSL community. Each of the tools we release are linked to our core text, Culturally Responsive School Leadership (Khalifa, 2018). We invite you to use these tools alongside the book to develop your practices and engage your educational colleagues in this work. 

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Featured Tool

Leading Critical Reflection

Developing critical consciousness is widely understood to be an essential component of effective culturally responsive work, but it is often a challenging practice to do consistently and inclusively. This tool will help you to design leadership of critical reflection and plan to make it a perennial practice in your school or district.
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CRSL Downloadable Tools Series

On the last Wednesday of every month we release a new downloadable tool to our CRSLI Community Members!

Coming Soon! Redesigning More Culturally Responsive Professional Learning Communities

Learn about how and why our Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) need to be more culturally responsive and community-centered. Transform your PLC model by using this tool to incorporate a culturally responsive approach.
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Coming soon! Incorporating Community-Based Behavior Modification

Educational systems often fail to implement racially equitable approaches to student behavior. With this tool, you will learn to revolutionize your systems for addressing student behavior by centering community-based ways of knowing and being.
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Coming soon! Successive Oppression

Use this tool to visibilize historical continuities perpetuating oppression. Learn why critical historical literacy is an essential component of Culturally Responsive School Leadership. Even more importantly, discover how to lead your staff to connect visibilize "histories of the present." 
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Coming soon! Competing Epistemology

Examine how different ways of knowing and being can help or hinder our equity efforts. Explore the diversity of ways of knowing and being among community cultures and lived experiences to develop a pluralistic view of school systems and practices. 
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"I argue that it is not enough to want equity or to have courageous conversations; school leaders must enact school structures that will promote and embrace unique cultural knowledge that is consistent with the lives of children."

Muhammad Khalifa
Culturally Responsive School Leadership, p. 62

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