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The CRSLI monthly newsletters goes far beyond a typical newsletter. Not only do we provide you with succinct syntheses on current research related to culturally responsive leadership, but also reviews and summaries of podcasts, books, films, art, and other media. The goal of our members-only Newsletter is to broaden the scope of resources available to you to continue building expertise in culturally responsive leadership and antiracist praxis. 
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Coming this August, 2024!

Beginning August 14th and each month thereafter, you'll receiver your copy of our exclusive CRSLI community membership newsletter. Our newsletter will connect you to:
  • Our community forum, where you can discuss the ideas and practices described in our research briefs
  • Examples of the different ways CRSL practitioners are implementing research-based practices to achieve equitable and humanizing schools
  • Opportunities to join virtual communities of practices and networking events to build your community of CRSL's
  • Downloadable tools, microlearnings, and so much more! 

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