Equity Audits

Meaningful change begins with knowing what needs changing.

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Proven, comprehensive, research-based audit that identifies your specific equity issues and provides strategies customized for your district. After a months-long process, you’ll know the challenges you’re facing and actions you can lead forward.
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Why audits matter.

Without a comprehensive audit, districts and school leaders are only left guessing how to address their achievement and discipline gaps—or why those gaps exist in the first place. This leads to wasted efforts trying to solve the symptom, not the cause, which prevents real change from happening. We look well beyond "achievement gaps" alone, and more at the humanization of students in school.
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How schools are evaluated.After all the data is collected and analysis is completed, we use the latest technologies to pinpoint the exact sources of the disparities in your schools and district. The output is a report that you can read and share—a playbook that shows the challenges and how we recommend they can be overcome.

How audits are structured.
Your school’s final Equity Audit will look at your school’s trends, policies, practices, cultures, and gaps. It will identify specific sources of your disparities and will offer recommendations based on these school-specific findings. For our district partners, we also identify district-level trends.

Schools can also consider these equity add-ons:
  • Demographic Trend Analysis
  • Qualitative Interviews & Analysis
  • Policy Analysis
  • Curriculum Analysis 

How schools are involved.
As your partner, an Equity Audit happens for you and with you—not to you. We collaborate at every step, answer any question you may have, and make sure all relevant people know what’s happening and why it matters.

For many schools, an Equity Audit is the first step toward real and true change.

By partnering together, we’ll continue to make headway in the critical equity work needed in our schools.

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"If you aren't trained to look for places that are perpetuating systematic racism, you may not even see that they're there. Until you can see those systems around you, you can't interrupt them. If you swim in it and you never even notice that you're part of a system that's continuing to perpetuate those inequities, you can't change it."

Christine Tucci Osorio, Superintendent

ISD 622 North St Paul/ Maplewood/Oakdale

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