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Introducing the new Culturally Responsive School Leadership Podcast, Equity Unlocked.

Stay connected to the latest in Culturally Responsive School Leadership through CRSLI's new podcast featuring leading scholars and practitioners, such as Dr. Gholdy Muhammad, Dr. Keith Mayes, Dr. Jamila Dugan, and so many more exciting guests this season.

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An image of Keith Mayes, a man with dark skin tone, very short hair, and a goatee. He is standing in a classroom holding his hands up as he talks. Two students with light skin tone sit at desks behind him listening.

From Community Knowledge to Classroom Success feat. Kandace Logan

This episode of Equity Unlocked features Kandace Logan, Executive Director of Teaching for Equity, Empowerment, and Community Healing (TEECH), CRSLI's sister organization. Kandace and Dr. Khalifa  passionately discuss the transformative impact of integrating community knowledge into preservice teacher education and the vital role of culturally responsive educators in fostering educational equity. 

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Featuring Preeminent Thought Leaders in CRSL

Dr. Muhammad Khalifa and the CRSLI team share profound, thought-provoking and paradigm shifting conversations with school leaders and solars such as...
  • Dr. Gholdy Muhammad, professor and best-selling author of Cultivating Genius and Unearthing Joy.
  • Dr. Nimo Abdi, school leadership researcher with a focus on supporting the Somali diaspora community.
  • Dr. Jamila Dugan, co-author of Street Data, scholar and leadership practitioner with a focus on radical dreaming and humanizing data practices.
  • Dr. Bodurin Banwo, scholar and activist with a focus on African-centered and culture-specific school models 
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