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Culturally responsive school leadership requires the support of a community.

For leaders who wish to start or sustain their equity journey; who are seeking community, support, and engagement with other likeminded leaders; and who want challenging and impactful learning experiences and resources to grow in culturally responsive leadership.

What we do

By translating histories of systemic oppression and community resilience into viable and sustainable steps toward greater equity, we help school leaders see what they’ve never seen, so they can lead like they’ve never led. 

Our Approach

In stark contrast with equity programs that never break beyond the surface level, the Culturally Responsive School Leadership Institute (CRSLI) takes a deep, historically rooted, scholarly approach so that true change can take place – and take hold. 

Our Impact

Our academies have been a catalyst for change, and the impact they have had on educational leaders has been transformative. We've worked with hundreds of schools, thousands of leaders, and touched tens of thousands of teachers, students, parents and communities.

Our Membership

In our missions to support educational leaders on their equity journey, our membership provides both a beginning and a sustained system of support and continuous learning  through the encouragement of a like minded community of leaders for equity. 

Schools and other Organizations have Participated

Educators have Engaged with CRSLI

Students, Families and Communities Impacted
Become a part of the growing movement for educational equity.

Our FREE membership community is designed for educational leaders of all kinds.

Webinars & Live Events

Learn from the leading scholars in the field of culturally responsive leadership. Live and recorded events are free for  members. 

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Members gain access to our exclusive monthly newsletter filled with meaningful resources, research briefs, and our community forums where you can connect with others about the content.

Tools & Resources

Download toolkits, microlearnings, workbooks, infographics, planners, organizers, and other tools to support your CRSL work.

We stand for leaders.
Because the responsibility is real. The future won’t wait. And the time is now.

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