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Design leadership for self and others that develops critical consciousness.

Develop your leadership of critical reflection by using this tool to institutionalize this core CRSL practice. To get access to the tool, you will need to become a CRSLI Community Member by enrolling below - this is a totally free program open to any and all school leaders who care up culturally responsive leadership. 
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CRSLI Community

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Antiracist leaders need community. Our work is too important and too challenging to go without it. Engage with CRSL's all over the country, build your network, and face challenges with support. 

CRSLI community members can access our full library of downloadable tools and resources.

Engage colleagues, lead your staff, or practice personal reflection on the pivotal concepts and approaches of CRSL. Along with each of our tools, you get:
  • A guide to implementing the tool
  • Methods for planning and organizing your use of the tool
  • Access to our ever expanding library of downloadable CRSL tools and resources
  • A "microlearning" mini course featuring examples of ways the tool can be implemented
  • Connections to the Culturally Responsive School Leadership book (Khalifa, 2018) to better understand the concepts, mindsets and practices underlying the tool
  • Access to our community forum where other likeminded leaders share their practices and engagements with CRSLI and other tools

Stay Current with Research, Practice, and Resources

CRSLI community members gain unlimited access to our monthly newsletters and research briefs. These publications go far beyond a typical newsletter. Not only do we provide you with succinct syntheses on current research related to culturally responsive leadership, but also reviews and summaries of podcasts, books, films, art, and other media. The goal of our members-only Newsletter is to broaden the scope of resources available to you to continue building expertise in culturally responsive leadership and antiracist praxis. 
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