A deeper look back.
A stronger way forward.

By translating histories of oppression into viable and sustainable steps toward greater equity, we help school leaders see what they’ve never seen, so they can lead like they’ve never led.


Keep learning with CRSLI through our new job-embedded professional learning program.


Decolonizing Education: Embracing Ancestral Wisdom and Inclusive Data Feat. Dr. Jamila Dugan

New! Downloadable Tool

Discover how to lead critical reflection with our new downloadable toolkit and  microlearning module. 

Begin your equity journey in one of several ways.

Through an Academy, a job-embedded professional learning program, a months-long equity audit that gives leaders a roadmap to take forward, CRSLI provides practical steps and processes for creating and sustaining culturally responsive school environments.

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Equity Audits: Know where your school stands with an audit. 

We spend time learning your unique school district, identifying equity blind spots, and handing you a plan to implement and take forward. 

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CRSLI Academies: Host one of our first-of-their kind Academies.

Our hands-on, research-driven academies create spaces for learning, discussion, and reflection. The ultimate goal? More humanizing spaces for minoritized students. 

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After the Academy: Sustain and scale CRSL across your school or system 

For schools, districts, and organizations who wish to extend, scale, and deepen culturally responsive school leadership, our After the Academy program provides the ongoing support leaders need to thrive as CRSL's.

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CRSLI Membership: Join a committed community and gain support. 

With our free CRSLI community membership, you can join us for our EQUITYx series of live events with leading CRSL scholars and practitioners; take advantage of free downloadable tools for implementing CRSL; sign up for our exclusive newsletter featuring the latest CRSL research and resources; and forge supportive relationships with a network of like-minded culturally responsive leaders. 

Get Inspired with a Keynote

Sometimes the first step on an equity journey is inspiration. Our keynotes can provide the fuel to propel your visioning and action plan for a just, humanizing school system. As the most-cited scholar in the field of educational leadership and administration, CRSLI's founder Dr. Muhammad Khalifa is a powerful and action-oriented public speaker. As the emerging national network for CRSL, our organization encompasses many CRSL scholars who are excellent keynote speakers, as well. Find out more by clicking the link below.
Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, a bald man with dark skin tone wearing a gray suit and tie. He stands on a stage with a large screen behind him holding a microphone and talking to the audience.

Advancing equity alongside key education partners.

“Dr. Muhammad Khalifa’s Culturally Responsive School Leadership training is the most effective culturally relevant and equity training I have ever experienced. I have been employed in the current district I work in for twenty-four years. We have attempted to incorporate equity and antiracist language and practices in our curriculum, instruction, and operations on numerous occasions. We were never able to complete training due to staff getting upset and refusing to continue the training. Dr. Khalifa is the right leader and has done an amazing job in moving the dial on this training for our staff. He delivers the training in a very authentic, non-threatening manner. He is very passionate about the work and speaks the truth without casting blame. Dr. Khalifa gives hope for an authentic path forward to change things for students and families in our schools.”

Cynthia Richardson - Director, The Office of Student Equity, Access, and Advancement

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