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Culturally Responsive School Leadership
Genius & Joy Academy

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Deepen your culturally responsive Instructional leadership knowledge and skills through this academy that centers Dr. Gholdy Muhammad's curriculum model for culturally and historically relevant curriculum. 
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Upcoming Academies

Enrolling 4/1/24 through 7/15/24

Academy Dates August 13-15th, 2024 

Twin Cities, Minnesota

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Summer 2024: CRSLI Genius & Joy Academy
Join us this summer in the Twin Cities, Minnesota for an extraordinary experience featuring the work of Drs. Gholdy Muhammad and Muhammad Khalifa. Learn to lead and develop culturally responsive teachers like never before!   
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April 1, 2024- July 15, 2024
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  • August 13th 8:30-3:30 CT
  • August 14th 8:30-3:30 CT
  • August 15th 8:30-12:00 CT
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$2500 Per Person | Payment plans and PO payments available using the links below. 
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Lead the work of humanizing your curriculum the culturally responsive way.

Dr. Gholdy Muhammad’s groundbreaking books, Cultivating Genius and Unearthing Joy have empowered tens of thousands of educators to implement culturally and historically relevant curriculum and instruction. Now in this extraordinary professional learning event, Dr. Muhammad joins the Culturally Responsive School Leadership Institute (CRSLI) for this 2.5 day academy. Deepen your instructional leadership skills through a framework that centers culturally responsive leadership for developing a humanizing curriculum.
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Develop Culturally Responsive Leadership Expertise
Discover to disrupt dehumanizing discourses and center community-based epistemologies by establishing trust and shared power with your minoritized communities.

Instructional Leadership for Humanizing Curriculum

Explore how to recognize and lead the development of powerful, humanizing curriculum, using Dr. Gholdy Muhammad’s Five Pursuits: Identity, Skills, Criticality, Intellect and Joy.

Unearth the Roots of Oppression

Learn to historicize the roots of oppressive practices and colonial structures in schools, as well as the histories of genius in minoritized communities.

Build Humanizing Curriculum Systems

Develop your systems, policies and processes to achieve powerful, culturally and historically relevant teaching and learning.

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What you'll learn

In this academy, you will learn how to...
  • lead the work of humanizing curriculum using the HILL Model and the 5 Pursuits for Culturally and Historically Relevant Education
  • leverage and develop systems and structures that support humanizing curriculum
  • apply culturally responsive leadership tools to curriculum systems 
  • center ancestral knowledges and community assets in instructional leadership

Download an agenda of this 2.5 day Academy.

How you'll learn

Academy Prework (5-10 hours of reading and journaling).
  • Six weeks prior to every CRSL Academy, we provide you with a digital packet of scholarly and practical readings and resources. We ask our participants to spend time reading and reflecting in order to be prepared to have deep learning experiences as leaders 

Attending the Academy (2.5 days or 5 half days)
  • Academies are offered to our partnering educational organizations as either in-person events or online/virtual events.

  • Participants will spend the academy learning from expert presenters and engaging in active, socialized learning experiences focused on applying culturally responsive school leadership knowledge and skills to their professional contexts. 

Who will benefit

This academy is appropriate for many different kinds of educational leaders, including (but not limited to):
  • Teacher leaders
  • Coaches, TOSA's, and specialists
  • Principals and assistant principals
  • District administrators and superintendents
  • Higher education officers and leaders
  • Charter school directors and supervisors
  • Leaders from other educational organizations and NFPs 
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Dr. Gholdy Muhammad; CRSLI Partner and Founder of HILL Pedagogies
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Dr. Muhammad Khalifa; CRSLI Founder and author of
Culturally Responsive School Leadership

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