EQUITYx: Why Do We Educate? Responsive Organizations and their Benefits to our Students

  • Dr. Bodunrin O. Banwo
  • 6:00-7:00 pm CT
  • May 9, 2024
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Organizations are made of interrelated parts of rules and regulations that produce cooperation in meeting a common goal; however, for educational organizations, these parts also serve as the tools our society uses to socialize our most valuable population (children) into adult members. Indeed, with care and intention, these systems can serve as a powerful engine for disrupting social inequities and fulfilling the promise of equal opportunity for all. At the same time, these systems can also be seen or understood as captured by dominant social members intent on reproducing 
the harm and history of past injustices. Join Dr. Banwo, Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership in Education at The University of Massachusetts, Boston, as he discusses the complex relationships between systems, ideologies, and models for social justice and liberatory praxis. Dr. Banwo will discuss:

  • The political nature of traditional/ mainstream schools as the tool our society uses to reproduce our current system of inequity
  • The politics of mainstream schools beyond conversations of race, including themes such as:
    - gendered differences (e.g., Same-gender schools)
    - child decision-making ability and liberation (e.g., Democratic Schools)
    - intellectual, artistic, and practical skills, with a focus on imagination and creativity (e.g., Waldorf education)
Each of these models, in its unique form, critiques how mainstream schools operate and offers a solution through its organizational and theoretical theory of change. For example, single-gender schools are seeking to repair the single-gendered (e.g., all-female schools) and seek to repair the historical denial of education to women, while African-centered schools seek to account for the role of race in schools and attempts to create a healthy socialization process for African children. My goal with this talk is to help teachers and leaders understand the differences in school organizational structure, theory, and models and their implications for classroom practices and building-level management.

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What is EQUITYx?

In the busy educational professional landscape, we can be overwhelmed by information and struggle to distill the latest research and its implications for socially just practice. EQUITYx solves for this problem by bringing you leading scholars in educational equity, antiracism and social justice in a distilled and practitioner-focused format. Each hour-long EQUITYx session includes:
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Bodunrin Banwo, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Leadership in Education
University of Massachusetts | Boston
Bodunrin O. Banwo is an assistant professor in the Department of Leadership in Education at The University of Massachusetts, Boston. Before joining UMass Boston, Professor Banwo worked in youth and community development for over two decades. Dr. Banwo received his Ph.D. in Education Policy and Leadership from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where he focused on how African-centered educational institutions serve as options for Black parents seeking to find anti-racist, anti-black socialization spaces for their children. Dr. Banwo’s current research focuses on the liberatory effects of communitarian programming on schooling and student development. Before beginning his Ph.D., Bodunrin served as a food access manager for the City of Baltimore, where he worked to improve the city’s food supply chain and the economic viability of selling healthy food in Baltimore City. Throughout his career, Bodunrin has served as a public school teacher in Camden, NJ; Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, South America; Food System Manager for the Philadelphia-based nonprofit, The Food Trust, and Arizona public advocate and lobbyist for a Washington DC-based nonprofit, Project Vote. Dr. Banwo’s life has been dedicated to improving the lives of people from the African Diaspora. He looks forward to working with individuals with a passion for continuing the work begun by The Ancestors, who dreamt of a more merciful and just world.

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