EQUITYx: Lessons Learned from Somali Mothers: Implications for School Leaders

  • Dr. Nimo Abdi
  • 5:00-6:00 pm CT
  • March 28, 2024
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According to the Center for Immigration Studies (2022), 20% of the K-12 student population in the U.S. live in immigrant households, and the Somali diaspora represents a particularly significant immigrant population within U.S. communities and schools. Somali immigrant families and communities bring rich cultural assets, ancestral wisdom, and diverse epistemologies (ways of knowing and being) that can enrich teaching, learning and community partnerships. Yet, most U.S. schools fail to recognize and center 
these cultural assets in school
experiences and community interactions. Dr. Nimo Abdi’s research with Somali mothers helps illuminate the pathway for culturally responsive school leaders to “recognize and tap into parental knowledge and ways of being to serve these communities” (Abdi, 2022, p. 746). Through this fascinating discussion, you will gain insights into the lived experiences of Somali immigrant mothers, methods often used to navigate coloniality and bias in U.S. schools, and practices rooted in indigenous Somali culture, including the leadership practices of Somali mothers. Dr. Abdi will present research described in her award-winning paper, "Somali Immigrant Mothers’ Experiences of School Engagement: Implications for School Leaders," followed by an interview and Q&A with our audience.    

What is EQUITYx?

In the busy educational professional landscape, we can be overwhelmed by information and struggle to distill the latest research and its implications for socially just practice. EQUITYx solves for this problem by bringing you leading scholars in educational equity, antiracism and social justice in a distilled and practitioner-focused format. Each hour-long EQUITYx session includes:
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Nimo Abdi, PhD

Assistant Professor, Ohio State University; CRSLI Facilitator
Dr. Nimo M. Abdi is an Assistant Professor in the department of Teaching and Learning at the Ohio State University, and formerly an Assistant Professor in the department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Minnesota. She received her PhD from Michigan State University in Educational Administration. Her research focuses on immigrant and refugee education, particularly as it relates to cultural, racial, and religious diversity. Her primary methodological approaches are phenomenology, decolonization theory/methodologies, and discourse analysis.

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